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All About Stacking Chairs

  • July 19, 2019

You can really save space for entertaining by using stacking chairs. If you are the type to have lots of families over for the holidays or maybe you host parties often and you don't have the room to accommodate your guests' needs for sitting, stacking chairs is the best option for you.

They're not just for home use though; many churches use them, as do convention centers, restaurants, hotels or family centers where reunions are held.

All of these are ideal situations where stackable chairs would come in handy. And they aren't just uncomfortable hunks of metal anymore. Many aluminum stackable chairs have upholstered seating and molded plywood.

Back when these chairs were first made during the Industrial Age, metal tubing was an easy form of material to manipulate and so mass-producing these chairs using this tubing was an ideal and inexpensive design technique for furniture makers around the world.

They had achieved major popularity by the 1940s. Arne Jacobson is by far the most famous designer of the stacking chair. His one piece of plywood design became an instant hit after WWII. Today's market is geared towards banquet-style chairs that utilize vinyl for the seats and are made to store easily.

Because of the ease with which they are produced, they are very inexpensive and affordable on nearly every budget.

You can often get deals if you purchase them in bulk and the materials used will have an effect on the cost overall, but depending on your needs you could easily rent them for your event. 

John Brace

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