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Basic Information About Working With A Bail Bondsman

  • September 7, 2019

If you or someone you love has just been arrested, posting bail is the quickest and easiest way to minimize the amount of time that must be spent in a less than desirable environment. Unfortunately, there aren't many consumers that have sufficient monies for covering this unexpected cost simply standing by. Fortunately, you can get the cash and knowledgeable guidance you need by working with a Wake County bail bondsman.

When people are assigned a bail amount, they can pay this full sum on their own to obtain immediate release. This is merely a monetary guarantee that defendants will come to court as ordered, even though they are no longer being physically detained. Once all court appearances have been made, the monies paid for release will be signed back over, so that no long-term debt is actually assumed. If you have enough money to do this, bailing someone out won't ultimately cost you anything at all.

If there are insufficient funds for covering the total amount due, however, a bondsman can pay the entire sum on your behalf. This is much like a secured loan, however, the additional requirement is appearance in court. When defendants do not show up for their trial dates, this is much like defaulting on the loan, given that bondsmen will not be able to get their monies back from the local court systems.

The real risk in entering into these agreements is having a defendant jump bail or leave the area. The good news is that bond agents have plenty of bounty hunters on their teams who can track jumpers down and deliver them to the legal system. If this is accomplished in a timely fashion, no monies will be lost.

Qualifying for these products and services is relatively easy. People simply need to have a physical way to guarantee the total monies being spent. There are many types of collateral that these agencies will accept. In addition to real property, you may be able to use jewelry, high-value technology, or a high-value car. If the defendant does not show for court appearances and the bond is lost, this collateral will be used to restore the resulting monies to the agency in question.

From a financial perspective, posting bail in this fashion tends to make the most sense. The only fee that will need to be paid is the sum required for services rendered. This is usually a very small fraction of the actual bail amount, which often averages between 8 and 25% depending upon the location and the state laws governing these processes and products.

There are countless benefits that defendants and their families can gain from using these services. For instance, people will retain the ability to continue working their jobs and providing for their families while waiting for the day in court. They can also secure legal aide and representation to start building their defense.

Agencies in this industry offer a lot of secondary services and support as well. For instance, these professionals are adept in identifying the holding locations of defendants and in finding quality legal representation for their clients. They also have long-standing relationships throughout many departments within the legal system, which allows them to streamline and expedite the release of the people they serve.

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