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Breaking Marriages On Women Spiritual Prayer Love Soul

  • September 11, 2019

It is never surprising at all to find women staying in relationships that are not working at all. Well, it is quite true to say that not all marriages work. In fact, the study shows that half of all marriages go sour at one time. With the statistics being on the opposite side, then most women will persevere all the stress and pain to make things work? Keep reading to know why they do this, through the women spiritual prayer love soul.

When communication breaks down, then the whole thing is impossible to repair. This leaves you wondering why the two started something that they would not sustain. When the couple has children, then they become the brickbats in the whole sager. This calls for a divorce lawyer and other processes to divide the roles between the husband and wife. Even in such a case, you will find that some women will stick around, but why?

Well, to start with, this may be fostered by the culture. We all come from a different set of culture and beliefs. In this case, you will find some will stick around because if they walk out of the marriage, then they will be going out of line. Some cultures are so ruthless that they will disown you if you walk out. Let us also not forget that the culture undermines the female gender and regards them as second class citizens. This makes a lady persevere hard times just because no one will listen to their cry.

Religion can be a trap to the mind. Well, religion is good for the soul but some people will interpret it to fit their selfish needs. Men, in this case, will misunderstand the scripture and command their wives. This may be followed by the men asking the wives to be submissive always. This has made a lady think they are lesser than men. This kind of religion is mind-controlling and may just be the end of some marriages.

Lack of knowledge can also play a large role in sticking to a marriage that is not working. You should always know what makes the marriage happy. Also, if you do not know what makes your partner happy, then make sure that you study them. If it gets abusive, then you should know better and leave.

Children will always be the joining link to all marriages. Marriages are all fun until the children come by. They are a responsibility and they also need your time. Some parties will find coping with the change too difficult and they will even go their separate ways. However, most will stick around for the well being of the kids.

Leaving is always a choice, if you want quits then leave. Ladies will always have that choice to either make it work or abandon it. One good choice can make the whole thing great again. Also, one bad choice can haunt you forever.

Happiness is always a choice, make choices that will count. However, some will just pray their way through but their actions speaking of other intentions. Be sure of what you want, and change it for the better.

John Brace

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