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Choose the Best Uplighting for Weddings

  • April 12, 2019

Many men and women are shocked to find the prices charged for uplighting to get a wedding. Here we will see how to do your uplighting. I am going to tell you how you can inexpensively light your event yourself.

Conventional uplighting consists of parabolic aluminized reflector light or Par Cans for short. For uplighting, we’ll use Par Can gel to acquire the color required to set the mood. You can find here the various uplighting and DJ services at a very affordable cost.

These cans and dyes can be obtained at the regional musical instrument retailer. Employing conventional Par Cans to your uplighting will limit you to one color for the duration of the occasion and no options for brightness. The downsides for conventional Par Cans are that they draw warmth and consumer more power than their LED counterparts.

LED upward lighting provides a lot more flexibility to the user at a higher price. Having this type of lighting, you will have the ability to control the brightness and color of your lighting on the fly, control complex features like color pruning and scrolling.

There are battery powered versions which don’t require a plug. These lights are more expensive, but also more versatile due to advanced features such as DMX and wireless technologies.

To perform this relatively inexpensively, start off with 8 conventional par cans placed on the wall of this venue. A set of 8 traditional Par Cans can be had for less than $150, If you go the leasing route, you can lease LED lights for around $20 per lighting.

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