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Depression Treatment by Hypnosis

  • June 12, 2019

For all those people who are fed up using antidepressant medication and suffering from distress side-effects, they can opt for depression treatment that is a different means of treating anxiety.

If you would like to attempt it, you need to first talk to your physician or psychiatrist, that then may schedule your treatment program and perhaps even suggest a specialist in your region.

Basically, our minds dominate our body. In a depressed state, our psychological issues create physical responses. What hypnosis does is to manipulate our views and beliefs. It may create, alter, maintain or destroy our beliefs.

Dr. Michael Yarko wrote a book on alcoholism and depression, says:

"For many people, depression is the product of a hurtful method of interpreting and reacting to life experiences"

Hypnosis-like every other depression treatment, i.e. cognitive-behavioral treatment, tries to alter our thought process, your own self-esteem, your own beliefs in your future, family members, events that caused your present mental health problems.

There are many more issues that may be addressed, such as anxiety, nervousness, smoking, alcoholism, etc., which may assist with your struggle with depression.

Usually, hypnotherapy sessions create one feel quite relaxed and comfortable, but there are various degrees of susceptibility to alcoholism, and that is something which you need to learn on your own.

John Brace

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