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Enjoy Deluxe Accommodations Homey In A Serviced Apartment

  • November 6, 2019

More Space and Privacy At Lesser Cost

Here's one of the best kept- secrets in the hospitality industry- if you're a business traveler or a short/ long stay leisure traveler, you'll spend less staying in a serviced apartment yet have more space, freedom and privacy than staying in a pricey hotel. In Australia, they call it serviced apartments. In Europe, they call it by another name, and they vary for this location with the language and service.

Enjoy Deluxe Accommodations Homey In A Serviced Apartment

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Lack of clarity about the products and services provided vary widely misinterpreted leading to expectations related to the level of service offered by these sites.

Traditionally, the term "serviced apartment" refers to an alternative apartment for hotel accommodation. It usually Studios- a unit of one room used as a bedroom with a living room, a small kitchen, and a separate bathroom.

In Europe, the apartment is a rapidly growing industry. Customers prefer to stay on this site as price, space and the ability to self-cater. The main factor behind the popularity of apartments (three years ago) used to be a convenience, independence, and ability to make friends.

 This sector is mature in line with an improved understanding of the financial benefits and convenience accrued by business travelers when staying at these places.

Hotel Accommodations and Serviced Apartment

The traditional hotel is well located in a superior location in the city and you can easily search for your best choice. Lower in standard deviations, especially in chain hotels, breakfast included, use of in- house sports and recreational facilities, room service, and free parking.

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