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Healthy Benefits of Hemp Hearts

  • July 9, 2019

Hemp hearts, also known as hemp seeds, are the nutritious insides of the food grade hemp plant. This form of flax is safe for consumption, does not contain mind-changing THC, which is known as more common (and popular) marijuana.

Eating these nutritious centers will not change your mind. However, they can provide benefits that are beneficial to your body because of the richness of the essential fatty acids the body needs every day for optimal health, as well as the much-needed fiber.

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Is it because the essential fatty acids are balanced or the amount of fiber they provide, the 5 health benefits of eating hemp are as follows:

1) Helps maintain cognitive abilities in the elderly.

2) Research has shown that a diet rich in essential fatty acids helps maintain the body from the effects of heart disease.

3) Consumption of adequate essential fatty acids has been known to protect mothers from postpartum depression.

4) Essential fatty acids help develop a strong brain for babies in the womb.

These are just five of the many health benefits of eating liver flax. Sprinkled on a bowl of yogurt in the morning, or thrown into an afternoon smoothie, it's an easy way to improve your health.

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