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How To Choose A Dance Studio

  • July 3, 2019

Offerings of various dance studios may look the same but the essence and caliber of each dance studio might be very different. How do you know which studio is right for your child?

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Some studios try to create a more conservative atmosphere, requiring a number of classes per week, for example. This can be good for more serious students, but for students who like to dance as one of several other activities, this can create difficulties.

Most studios have performances at the end of the year. This is a great way to see progressive work at the studio. You will find out how good the real students are. Dancing on stage can be a pleasant experience & enhancing growth for children,

If the studio you choose doesn't have high pressure about their recital. This greatly reduces the amount of time students learn art & dance techniques.

What is the studio policy about parents watching classes? Some studios have a day of visiting parents; some will let you watch at any time as long as you have the teacher's permission, and some will lock you completely.

There are good reasons behind all these policies, but as a parent, you must feel comfortable with the policies and explanations needed.

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