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Importance of Opening a Wine Correctly

  • April 23, 2019

Courtesy-Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Serving a fine-quality wine is as important as to how you serve. We all know that a corkscrew is required to open a bottle of wine. However, before you start pouring your favorite wine, you need to let the wine breathe a little bit and also serve it with proper temperature. These are some additional information helping you to understand the importance of correctly opening a wine bottle.

  • Storing the Wine – When you store a wine bottle, appropriate room temperature is essential. The desired room temperature allows to maintain the wines flavor and aroma for a longer period. Using a fridge to store a wine will improve the life and prevent from any damages happening to the wine. So, next time you open a new bottle, wait for it to breath and then only serve.
  • Letting it Breathe – As long as you finish your wine bottle is fine once it is opened. However, few types of wines require additional air time in order to provide the flavors to the maximum. Young wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon require more than an hour to give out its amazing flavors allowing you to enjoy every moment of your sip.
  • Opening the Bottle –This isn’t rocket science but it is important to understand. Wine bottles require tools such as corkscrew to open. Any other tool isn’t going to be beneficial.
  • Preserving an Unfinished Bottle – An unfinished wine bottle must be preserved with the help of a corkscrew. A handy tip is to have an additional corkscrew in case the previous one gets damaged. Using a corkscrew allows the wine to maintain its flavors as much as possible.

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