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Must Perform A Fire Risk Assessment

  • November 12, 2019

The legislation changed in 2006 meaning fire hazard assessments have to now be routinely checked by all UK companies with assumptions as a legal necessity.

Employers should now inspect the probability of fire at work and employ fire measures to identified fire dangers. This significant change puts complete responsibility for fire security onto the companies and also local fire authorities.

If you are concerned about this then that would ordinarily involve watching a copy of the most recent fire hazard evaluation. You can get to know more about fire risk assessment in London via

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There’s already legislation in place saying companies must perform hazard assessments generally.

The law does not say that you have to have qualifications or training in fire security to perform an appraisal. It’s fine that you carry out your own appraisal so long as you have some basic understanding of fire security.

It’s absolutely normal for companies to undertake their particular fire hazard assessments if their office is modest or a workplace atmosphere. You should also train all workers in fire safety, firefighting gear and activities that have to be taken in a crisis.

Business owners should now tackle a normal fire hazard assessment; this is now an essential part of fire safety. You are able to appoint a member of staff to take on a fire evaluation provided that they are a capable person with a few basic fire safety knowledge. It may be beneficial to acquire a fire adviser to train your employees with fire warden training.

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