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Some Basics about Pay for Performance

  • March 16, 2019

We have all heard about Pay for Performance (P4P) and some of our companies have implemented a P4P program and are seeing positive results.

However, what is P4P and how does it work best? You will find forms and incarnations of P4P which function better than others. This is my take on it. To explore best pay for performance, visit

 Some Basics about Pay for Performance

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P4P is basically rewarding highly productive employees with greater earnings. The best actors drive the company and supply the maximum income possible for your organization and so should get increased cash rewards.

P4P looks at reimbursement otherwise than conventional seniority or even time/step based programs because increases in earnings are generated by attaining – and occasionally exceeding – quantifiable contributions to the provider. The program usually provides no warranties for gains or incentives until certain performance measures are met.

P4P is a good option for a business rather than a conventional settlement program. The performance cover can arrive in the shape of incentives (typically how they're compensated) or from incremental increases to base pay.

P4P plans are an excellent way to construct involvement among your employees and line the pockets of high actors with cold hard cash (and keep them out of predatory recruiters that attempt to lure them away to greater chances).

However, in order for this sort of program for a victory, there have to be a couple of items set up. These are a few of the fundamental actions to the introduction of a P4P program.

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