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Television Vizio Model D Series D50uD1

  • May 16, 2019

Apparently, this television has a fifty inch class display and a very high resolution perfect for viewing and gaming. And if you are anything like the kids of this generation, then you know that getting a television like this will be perfect for your victory royals in Fortnite. Tell you, parents, to go buy the D50ud1.

Funny thing is that people do not normally buy televisions anymore because they want to watch some shows on it. Unless it is connected to the internet or a game then we really do not see any use for it. Hardly anyone watches TV anymore and who could blame us for not wanting to anymore?

We are shown some shows and news that we do not have control to choose over. We are forced to sit through all the commercials and all the television shows that these networks shove in our faces. Like those annoying Kardashians, Jesus Christ.

No one really likes them and their reality show is so freaking boring and annoying to listen to. We do not know WHY our mother insists on watching it when all she can get out of it are pointless family arguments over things that do not need arguing over.

The internet, on the other hand, you get to choose and type in whatever it is you want to look into. You get to choose your own shows to watch and the movies are all there prepared for you. All you have to do is search for them and click them and you are good to go. At least with these flat screens, you get to play games in high quality.

You could just play your very expensive games and get immersed in them by using these really nice TVs. That is what they should be used for. For gaming and for watching movies that you purposely chose to watch from the internet. Not some crappy, commercial filled and censored movie that these goddamned networks keep pulling out from who knows where.

And you bet your ass that no one even asked for them. They just put them out because they were paid to by the people who made these awful movies. And do not even get us started on all these awful commercials. They are so fake and so incredibly filtered that we might as well be watching the freaking Emoji movie.

If it were up to us, we would have just thrown away our own TV and replace it with one that can be connected to the internet. But it still is a pretty old thing and you cannot really connect it to anything but a DVD player. The screen is a little screwed too and there is green and blue stuff everywhere blocking the faces on the screen.

Man, we need a new one do we not? We should probably get into that. Like this Vizio model right here that is probably really big and expensive for our tastes. But beggars cannot be choosers. And we did say that we want one that is smart enough to connect online.

John Brace

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