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The Best Traditions and Ceremonies to Witness During your time in Fiji

  • June 4, 2019


Fiji is considered to be one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Pristine beaches, crystal blue water’s, wonderful tiny islands, Fiji has everything covered to give you the best possible experience. However, apart from this, this tiny country has some of the best traditions and ceremonies you need to witness. What makes the traditions of Fiji so unique is the fact that Fijians love celebrating them with the tourists. If you’re invited, then these are some of the best traditions you need to witness.

  1. Meke–The Meke ceremony showcases Fiji’s traditional dance performance. The locals use gongs, drums, bamboo sticks along with chants and claps during this ceremony. Make sure you witness this amazing ceremony with your friends and families.
  2. Yaqona Ceremony – The Yaqona ceremony is the main ceremony of Fiji. This ceremony is celebrated with the help of Fiji’s national drink called Kava. During this ceremony, you will be asked to sit in a circle on the floor. After that, you will have to clap first and then take a sip. After you take the sip, you need to clap again and say ‘Bula’. Kava is known to cause a slight numb sensation to the lips and tongue helping you to feel relaxed.
  3. Lovo Feast – Fiji’s traditional meal ceremony is celebrated with the help of Lovo Feast. Lovo is an underground oven where the food is cooked with the help of banana leaves, coconut stalks and traditional spices. The food takes around 2 hours to cook, but in the end, it is delicious.

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