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The Hindu Theory of the Soul

  • October 7, 2019

Indian ideas about the fate of the soul are connected with the same views about its importance. This popular soul including thoughts, perceptions, and desires, and often no attempt is made to differentiate it from them. But in India so distinguished. Soul (atman or Purusha) using the mind and senses: they are instruments and not part of it. Get to know more about Hindu studies online via visiting

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If we talk about the soul passed from death other births, according to the majority of Hindus are the soul accompanied by baggage mind and senses, the subtle body indeed, but still not a spiritual gas. But what is life itself? When an English poet sang of death that it was "only an eternal sleep in eternal night" we feel that he denied immortality.

But scholars of India maintain that deep sleep is one of the countries where their lives closest approach to God: that it is a state of happiness, and not realized it was not because consciousness is suspended but because there is no object presented to it.

Even higher than dreamless sleep is another condition known only as of the fourth state, the other is waking, dream-sleep and sleep without dreams. In this fourth state of thought is one with the object of thought and knowledge to be perfect, there is no contrast between knowledge and ignorance. All this sounds strange to modern Western man.

We tend to say that sleep without dreams was just unconscious and that what is called the fourth state is imaginary or unmeaning. But to keep up with even popular speculation in India, it is necessary to understand this truth or assumption, that when discursive thought stops.

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